How to Find Unique Gifts for Your Loved Ones

ug3So what you will give to your mother on Mother’s Day or to your father on Father’s Day? Well its pretty hard to decide as to what type of gift is right for those who are very special in our lives. Whatever you give to someone you care a lot, make sure that it is unique. Unique gifts are no doubt, hard to find but only these gifts will tell them that how much you love them.

It is said that “Ordinary things are for ordinary people, and special things are for special people”.

So do not forget to give unique gifts to people who are special.

Now the real issue is, where to find unique gifts. I mean is there are special retail store that has all the unique things that you can give away as gifts? No. You have to search these items. You have to do proper online as well as off-line research if you really need a special, unusual and unique item. Some of the places where you can find unique gifts include:

1- Internet is the biggest source. I personally, search for unique items via Google and other search engines. You will see thousands or I guess millions of pages. Now its up to you to choose something that is really unique.

2- Your local retail store or gift shop is another place where you can find a few unique items. But to find the perfect gift, you will have to do lots of research. Who knows you have to go to several different gift shops for a single gift.

3- Online gift stores are another great place. Try to search a few online stores that are famous for unique gifts, unusual items and alike. There are many stores available to choose from.

All this seems to be really hectic, and yes it is. If you want something unique, you will have to do something unique to get it.

A common issue with people, when they search for unique gifts, is that they cannot decide between a unique item and a common thing. This is another potential issue that needs to be properly and carefully dealt with.

How to differentiate between unique and common gifts

1- Unique gifts are not common. If you are buying something from your local retail store after watching its ad on TV, this is not something we call unique.

2- Unique things are rare to find.

3- If people say, “Wow! Nice one. Where did you buy that?” This means you have something unique.

Although there is not any kind of exact definition of “unique gifts”. But you can search for them. And I am sure when you will find something really unique and unusual, you will say to yourself “This is what I was looking for”. And at that point your search comes to an end.

Tips for Buying Unique Gifts for Your Family and Friends

ug2Gifts are very important for several reasons. We should keep sharing gifts to show our love and care for others. It is the one best way to show love. But to show your extreme love, passion, feelings and care for someone, you must give him/her something that is unique, something that is of great value. The best gift, I suppose, for someone who is very special to you is a unique gift.

Buying unique gifts is a bit tricky and hard too. So here are a few best tips that will help you in buying unique items for your special ones.

    • The problem with most of the people is that they cannot find unique gifts. They have no idea that where they can find unique items. The best place to search for unique products is the internet. Yes, the internet is the biggest source of information, and you can find any type of gift ideas over the internet. There are numerous online gift shops that are famous for selling unique gifts, you can contact any of them. All you have to do is find them.


    • Make sure that the gift you are buying relates with the person. A unique gift doesn’t mean that you must give your loved one something that is totally useless for him/her, rather the gift must be unique in the sense that it must relate to the person. For instance, if you are giving a gift to your father on Father’s Day, then you must try to find something unique related to your father hobbies, his favorite brands or something similar. The idea is to give away something that is unique as well as related to the person.


    • Always try the gift item before sending it over. This is important because most of the people hesitate to open the pack and check the actual gift before sending it over. There is no issue in trying or seeing the item/product. It is better to send something of quality and free from errors instead of sending something that is broken or merely useless for the receiver.


  • Make sure the product you are sending to your loved one as a special and unique gift is rare. I mean if you are sending your girlfriend a stuffed toy that is available at every second gift shop, you are not supposed to say it’s a unique item. Search markets, retail stores and all the local gift shops for a single unique item. The more time you spend for finding a gift, better it is.

Unique Gifts Featuring Your Photos

ugGifts for children are easy, since most children do not want a unique gift. We know they will be happier with gifts that are widely advertised on TV or just like their friends have. Unique gifts are not important to children. Sometime in the years that follow, it seems that both giver and recipient develop the idea that a gift’s uniqueness is important. To some, more important than to others.

Unique gifts using photographs are especially appealing. Photographs make the gifts one-of-a-kind, as well as personal. Few people have access to the same photos, and even if they do, the possibility of them matching photo to gift is slight. But does the use of a photo make the object a unique gift?

Let’s say you have a great photo of your sister’s children. You go to an online website that lets you upload that image and have it imprinted on a mug, mouse pad, tee-shirt, tote bag, or coaster. That is a unique gift, in that it is personal. It is not a unique gift without the photo, however.

Unique gifts using photographs require either that the gift be unique, or that the addition of a photo be unique to that type of item. In other words, would it be surprising to see a personal photograph in that setting?

Ideas for Unique Gifts Using Photographs

You will find that simply reading a few ideas for unique gifts using photographs will spur your thinking on the subject. These 7 may get creative juices flowing.

1. Fish Lover: If the recipient loves diving, snorkeling reefs, or just watching fish in a tank, you can give a unique gift featuring your photo. Purchase a small wall aquarium. Enlarge one or more photographs of the recipient in the water, and mount behind the aquarium so they show through the glass. Or scan your photo and “PhotoShop” it into an underwater scene. You can do the same with a table aquarium. Add water and fish for unique gifts using photographs.

2. Office Worker: Male or female who spends most of everyday at a desk would appreciate a paperweight. Websites that offer engraved keepsakes will engrave your photo inside a crystal paperweight. Some will also add a brief message inside the paperweight. Or have your photo laser engraved in a crystal “iceberg” that sites atop a black stand. Some places will laser engrave on black marble, too. These are unique gifts using photographs.

3. Romantic: Photo trays can be purchased or homemade. They are basically deep picture frames with velveteen covered backgrounds and glass. Slip photos between the glass and the velveteen background, and use as a tray for cosmetics or serving tea. If you yourself craft these unique gifts using photographs, you may want to add cork to the bottom to protect tables. A refinished antique picture frame, carved with flowers, would be romantic.

4. Child: Room plates on their doors will tell everyone whose bedroom it is. When those room plates contain photos, people will see whose room it is. Room plates are just under 3″ x 4″ and come in two pieces. Crop your photos to fit, snap the pieces together and you have a unique gift for any child. Moms appreciate these, too

5. Traveler: You may not want a personal photo on a luggage tag or key ring, but a photo of a favorite pet or location would be appreciated and would help a traveler quickly identify his or her luggage. These also can be DIY, snapping an appropriately trimmed photo into the tag. A unique gift for a birthday, Christmas, or other occasion.

6. Photography Buff: Gift baskets are plentiful online, but they can become unique gifts using photographs. Find an online shop that offers customization of gift baskets – baskets your way – or try a DIY gift basket. Think of things a digital photographer would appreciate. Include a small photo album, photo paper for printing, photo ink cartridge(s), camera batteries, a camera memory card, and a digital picture frame. Fill the frame with a photo that is sure to please, and place it in the front of the basket for a unique gift.

7. Home Decor: Unique gifts using photographs can play a part in home decor, too. These personal creations can be ordered online using your photographs: pillows, quilts, afghans, handbags. You can even have photographs placed on small footballs, baseballs, or soccer balls and use them as home decor.

Helpful Tip

When creating unique gifts using photographs, choose the photographs carefully. A snapshot that is funny today might not seem as funny by the next birthday. A photo that shows the recipient in an embarrassing situation may not be appreciated. A unique gift is good. A unique gift that continues to be appreciated through the years is better.

Reasons to Buy Handmade Jewelry and Handcrafted Unique Gifts

There are so many reasons why a person would buy handmade jewelry for themselves or as a special gift for someone. The main reason is that they would be looking for something unique, a handcrafted jewelry gift that is rare to see everywhere. They might be buying that handcrafted jewelry piece for themselves or for a special present, maybe a birthday gift, anniversary gift or it could be a Christmas gift. By choosing the most unusual, most unique handmade jewelry will make the person happy knowing that you have put an extra effort into choosing the perfect gift. A unique handmade jewelry piece could be beautiful handmade bracelets, handmade earrings or handcrafted necklaces which will be cherished by someone as a special treasure for years. This unique jewelry will be enjoyed and considered as a precious memory. If it is a special jewelry gift that you are giving to your friends, it will also make you happy to see your friends smiling and happy when they receive this unique handcrafted jewelry that you searched for a long time to find.

We all know that mass produced fashion jewelry and costume jewelry does not give the same satisfaction as unique handcrafted jewelry would give. Mass produced fashion earrings and fashion bracelets can be easily be seen everywhere so it is not really unique. Mass produced jewelry items are all made in a hurry, with the only purpose to make profit for the manufacturers. They really do not reflect the thoughts and care of the artisans. To make a handcrafted artisan jewelry piece takes lots of designing, planning, skill, talent and care. These essential elements are what make the artisans handcrafted jewelry different from the mass produced ones. Unique handmade jewelry pieces become the reflection of the designers soul as these creations become the pride of life for the artisan. The compliments and enjoyment of people for the artisan jewelry pieces becomes the main push to create even better and more unique jewelry designs. Patterns, designs and creativity become fundamental and timeless with individual creations.

There are also many reasons why a gift shop owner would buy wholesale handmade jewelry and handcrafted gifts for their gift store. The most important reason is that they are looking for unique jewelry and unusual gifts to sell to customers who always look for something different. Especially the regular customers of a gift shop might be coming back if the shop has new unique gifts and handmade jewelry all the time. Customers of the gift shop might be buying that handmade jewelry piece for themselves or for a present, maybe a birthday gift, anniversary gift or Christmas gift. Whatever the occasion, smart gift shop owners know that the more choices they provide the better their sales will be. By choosing the most unusual, most unique and most original handmade jewelry and handcrafted gifts shows how much they care for their customers and their satisfaction. Unique handmade jewelry and wholesale gifts will attract more customers as they are unusual and can not be seen everywhere.

Unique Gift Ideas

Giving gifts is one of the ways of showing our affection, respect, and concern for any person close to our hearts. The kind of gift we give determines the kind of relationship we have with the person to whom we give it. The sentimental value of the gift is not actually identified by the price of it, but how meaningful the gift itself is. Most of the time, the unique gifts we buy are meant for the most significant people in our lives. The uniqueness of the gift signifies the special part of the person in our lives. If you would like to give a unique gift to your loved one, find out some unique gift ideas before you shop.

There are a number of things to consider when you buy exotic gifts. Before you go to any store, think about the person to whom you will give the gift. Since you are looking for a unique gift, take a short assessment of the person’s personality so you can find out what is unique for him and what is not. Remember, the gift should be unique to him, not to you. Find out the interest of the person and the things that he desires. By knowing this stuff, you might come up with a unique gift idea.

It is best if you come up with your own unique gift idea, and not rely solely on the creativity of the manufacturers of items. Some people have made it a practice to buy personalized items on the market. Since gift giving has become a common practice in many parts of the world nowadays, different stores offer personalized things that can be as good as gifts. Before it became common, personalized items could be unique gifts. Today, these types of goods are no more unique in themselves. Despite the prevalence of personalized items, you can still find unique gift ideas.

Conventional stores offer a variety of items that you can give as gifts to your loved ones; however, the best place where you can find a greater variety of goods is online. In addition to the numerous unique items you can find, shopping online is very convenient and not time consuming. If you find yourself having not enough time shop, then shopping online proves to be a better choice.

However, the drawback of shopping online is that you will not be allowed to see face to face the items that you want to buy. You have to rely on the pictures posted on the web pages when choosing an item. But, you can still be assured of quality because stores online allow you to return the items that are damaged or different from what you intend to buy.

Expressing Your Unique Gift is Your Pathway to Bliss and Success

Each of us has a unique ability, a special gift, a particular genius. Do you know what your unique gift is? Are you expressing it every day?

You might be wondering how you would know what your unique gift is. Simply put, your gift is something that you do naturally, with no “effort” involved, and that brings you greater vitality the more you do it. Sometimes it’s so natural for you that you might even dismiss it, thinking that it must also easy for everyone else. But others around you will recognize your gift because, for them to do what you do so naturally, they would have to put effort into it. You will also know when you’re engaged in your unique gift if you lose track of time. And you continue to find new and creative ways to improve.

Take Brianna for example. She’s a medical doctor, and a great one at that. But her unique ability is not related to the technical aspect of being a doctor. Instead, her unique ability is connecting with her patients, zeroing in on the root cause of their complaints and finding holistic solutions that restore optimal health (instead of looking at the patient as a collection of symptoms to be treated individually). She spends at least an hour with each patient, appointments are scheduled for when they are meant to take place and no one is kept waiting. She loves her work — it energizes her and the people around her. As a result, her practice is thriving. And, she’s constantly finding new ways to enhance the experience for her clients and herself.

Can you identify people in your life who are expressing their true gifts most of the time? Chances are they are the people who seem to be enjoying life, they are full of creativity, and opportunities come to them almost magically.

The problem for many of us is that our unique gift has been covered up. In many cases, it was covered up as soon as we started being “educated,” when we started trying to fit in with others or when we learned that pleasing grown-ups was safer than expressing our gift.

The good news is that it’s never too late to uncover your unique gift. And once you do and start spending more and more time with it, you will experience greater ease and creativity in your life.

One way to uncover your unique gift is to simply ask friends and co-workers what they see as your special talent. Ask at least ten people, and then see if there is a consistent theme in the feedback you receive. Another strategy is to develop awareness around your energy level throughout the day and notice which activities feel easy and energizing to you, and which activities feel heavy and require effort. You might also find evidence of your unique gift in your childhood. What was it that you most loved doing as a child? Was it dancing, or putting on plays with your friends, or caring for family pets and other critters in the neighborhood?

Once you get a sense of your unique gift, start making it a priority to spend more and more time expressing it. I often find myself distracted away from my unique gift by busy work. Over the years I’ve developed a simple method to ensure that I am actually spending more time expressing my unique gift. I keep a daily list of things to do, divided into two columns. The left column I label “gift” and list all of the activities I want to do that are in my area of unique ability. The right column is labeled “admin” for all of the other things I want to get done. My goal is to spend most of my day in the “gift” column, while still recognizing the need to take care of “admin” items, such as paying bills.

Make changes now in order to spend more time expressing your unique gift. It is definitely worth it, because the more you do, the more you are on your pathway to bliss. As Joseph Campbell put it: “Your bliss can guide you to that transcendent mystery, because bliss is the welling up of the energy of the transcendent wisdom within you. So when the bliss cuts off, you know that you’ve cut off the welling up; try to find it again.”

Unique Gift Ideas to Win a Woman’s Heart

Finding unique gifts for a woman is as challenging as understanding one. Most men find it hard to select even a traditional item for a special lady, how much more if what needed is unique? So If you are a man who is looking for a unique gift for a woman, you have to exert more effort in searching and presenting the gift if you want to win her heart.

Let’s discuss how do you begin. Before anything else, the first thing you need to keep in mind is the personality of your recipient. What are her likes? You have to know a few things about her so that you can think of a gift that she will appreciate. Additionally, think of her hobby, pastime, or lifestyle as these can also make sense.

Where to find unique gifts for women? It can be a bit tricky to find unique gift items for women, but the best places are antique stores and online stores. You may also look for imported items from other countries in stores that specialize such kind. By doing searching online, you don’t need to leave your home just to pick up and pay for a present. There are lots of sources you can find by simply browsing the web. You can visit different websites selling goods that you may find interesting and unique, which your recipient might not yet owned.

Unique gifts may can also be romantic. Since women are naturally romantic at heart, you can think of common things that they love but present them in a unique or stylish way. You may consider a perfume in her favorite scent, filled in a perfume bottle with her engraved name or initials. Another option could be her favorite flowers organized in a nice basket with some extra items that can pamper her. Or, you may consider a personalized jewelry with her engraved name or initials. Custom charm bracelets can make unique options as well.

Consider adding a personal touch on the gift. This way, you can put distinction even if it was bought at a cheap price. You may consider adding a nice note card and handwrite it with your message for your recipient. A few personal touches can make a gift truly unique, considering the thought that you made it just for her.

Another way to come up with unique gift that she will appreciate is to think of her profession. She must be a career woman, and a right gift could mean something that she can use for her work. There are lots of work-related gift ideas that you can find in the market today. If you are looking for unique options, don’t worry because there are plenty to choose from. For a career woman, you may consider unique business gifts like business tote bags with her embroidered name, engraved business card holders, monogrammed leather-bound journals, personalized desk clocks or desk picture frames, and etc. Through personalization, it is not impossible to create a unique present that sure to win a woman’s heart.

How To Find That Unique Gift For Your Woman

She is unique; there’s no one quite like her. So her gift has to be unique too, right? The problem is that the unique gift is so elusive! After scouring high and low, you actually begin to wonder. Does the unique gift actually exist?

The answer is yes, and no! Yes, because it is up to you to make a gift unique. And, no, because if it was being advertised on the Net or elsewhere, it really wouldn’t qualify as unique! So, don’t waste your time and energy hunting for a unique gift. Instead, try and find a present that is really, really special to her. She’ll get the message.

If not a unique gift, then what?

The best way to go about making your woman feel special (or unique) is to go that extra mile in selecting a gift especially for her. Trust me, when a woman realises that you have really taken time and effort to find the right gift for her, she’ll be far more flattered than if you presented her with the rarest trinket.

Getting ideas for a ‘unique’ gift

When you decide to get a unique gift for this special someone, first find out what sort of a person she is. This translates into knowing what her interests, ambitions, personality, likes, dislikes, hobbies, friends, passions, work and so on are. Better still, make a list to aid you in your endeavour. This is where your gift ideas will come from.

Keep these three things in mind:

• Choose a gift theme that reflects her interests, passions, ambitions, etc. For example, is she passionate about travelling, gardening, or cooking?
• Buy a gift that is theme-appropriate
• Exceed her expectations – sweep her off her feet with your insight and perceptions of what really thrills her or touches her deeply

So, carrying forward the above example, if she loves to travel, and has always wanted to scuba dive, your unique gift for her would be a trip to the Seychelles with scuba diving lessons included!

The one ingredient you need to make a gift unique – imagination!

Yes, with just a little imagination and thoughtfulness, you can customise an off-the-shelf gift to make it truly unique.

Just run yourself quickly through this inventory:

1. Is there something that she has always wanted to do?
2. Does she have any interests that you could easily include in a trip or experience?
3. Is she a huge fan of a particular rock star, band or pop group?
4. Is there a place she has always wanted to visit or revisit?
5. Think carefully. Did she mention or show an unusual interest in anything recently? It could have been a hint!

Put on your creative cap and think of the many ways in which you can combine some of the answers to come up with a gift that is truly unique! For example, she may have been longing to visit Paris; but if you surprise her with a live performance of her favourite band while you’re there, she’ll be over the moon! That’s unique.

Make Any Gift That You Give A Unique Gift

So you want to find some unique gifts, do you? That is all well and good, but where should you start? How do you even begin shopping for unique gifts? What price range should you spend on a gift? Should you buy something new or old, big or small, useful or decorative? There are so many possibilities! Where should you begin?

It is possible to find such a wide variety of unique gifts, especially if you shop online. You can find auto parts to vintage cars, baseball cards from decades ago, dolls with taffeta dresses, tables shaped like elephants, broken teeth – but just because you can find these things, and just because they are unique, it does not mean that they will make great gifts for that certain someone you hope to please. So, how do you find a unique gift?

My first piece of advice is to stop thinking about the gift itself, and start thinking about the recipient. The characteristics of the recipient should dictate what to look for.

No doubt, the person that you want to give a gift to is very unique him/herself. No doubt, that is why you are trying to find a unique gift for this person. It can be hard to come up with the perfect gift for a person – it is a talent that many of us lack. But that does not mean that it is not something that you can improve upon.

First of all, if you really want to find that unique gift, that personalized gift, you need to think of what this person really likes. What sets this person apart from others? If this person really enjoys swimming, you could consider getting him or her a pair of goggles… or you could take it one step farther and get him or her a personalized swim cap… one step even farther, and you could give the goggles, the personalized swim cap, and a membership to the local pool.

If you know that this person loves to play cards, you could get him or her a deck of playing cards… or you could take it one step farther and get this person a deck of cards with a photograph from a trip you took together… one step even farther, and you could throw a Las Vegas themed party, completely with card tables and dealers.

Personalizing anything can really give it that special touch. And with the popularity of digital photographs, it is very possible to find and create unique gifts online. There are quite a few online stores that can take one or more of your photographs and decorate a mug with it, create a calendar, a tree ornament, or any of a number of other possibilities.

A gift does not need to personalized with a name or a picture just to make it a great and unique gift. You can buy a gift that completes someone’s dish collection or GI Joe collection or whatever. This kind of unique gifts are very likely much easier to find online than in any store. Maybe you could even find a replica of a dollhouse that someone had as a child, a favorite 1st edition children’s book, a signed copy of a favorite book, something that corresponds with an inside joke that only you two know, etc.

Gift Baskets

When you want to buy unique gifts online, gift baskets may be one of the best choices to purchase. These gift baskets can be filled with all sorts of great ideas, simple to complex, that you know that they will love. You can find gift baskets for her, gift baskets for him, and gift baskets for children too. Just about anyone that you need to buy for can have a gift basket purchased for them. But, before you just select any gift basket out there, consider the most unique gift, personalized or otherwise special for the person you are buying for. The good news is that buying unique gifts online, like gift baskets, is easy to do and a lot of fun too!

Gift Baskets For Her

To help you to buy unique gifts online, gift baskets should be one of the first things that you think about. Unique gifts for your daughter can be things that are filled with things teens love such as a great CD, a new teen magazine, a few things for her locker and maybe fill the gift basket for her with some cool clothing just remember not to try to pick it out yourself! You can also do this for unique gifts for your girlfriend too.

Inexpensive But Unique Gifts

There are a number of great ideas for gift baskets that are inexpensive but unique gifts nonetheless. For example, fill your gift basket for him with unique gifts under twenty dollars. A great magazine, a movie from when he was a college kid or even just a few tokens for the local arcade would make for a great gift basket for him. You can buy unique gifts online like gift baskets filled with small things that he likes but doesn’t get enough of. Even give a gift basket of gourmet foods that comes directly from your kitchen! He will love all of these inexpensive but unique gifts.

Unique Gift For That Occasion

For a special occasion, unique gift ideas can include romantic items like red roses (go for silk flowers to lower the cost). For a special occasion such as a birthday, gift baskets can be filled with cookies, cakes and even a few candles to blow out. You can give a unique gift for that occasion that you missed, such as an anniversary, by filling a gift basket for her with photos from your first year together, a nice, homemade dinner for two and even a warm blanket to cuddle on when you visit the beach for your dinner for two.

Gifts for Mother of the Groom

A wedding is a joyous occasion, and an occasion when gifts are exchanged among many different people. Guests and bridal party members give gifts to the bride and groom. The bridal couple gives gifts to the wedding party and to the bride’s mother. Some couples do not give a gift to the mother of the groom. It is entirely proper to do so, however, and will go far toward alleviating feelings that the mother of the groom is in the background.

Unique gifts for the mother of the groom may be purchased, but the most unique gift a bridal couple can give her is personal attention. Only you can show that you have time for her on your special occasion. Before you get too caught up in the day, plan a heart-felt gift that only you can give.

The French custom of the groom walking his mother down the aisle is a lovely, unique gift that she will always remember. The bride and her father walk the aisle together. Give similar attention to the mother of the groom.

Order a lovely bouquet of her favorite flowers to be delivered the morning “after” your wedding. She will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Be sure it includes a sincere thank you for her part in the wedding.

In addition to your personal touch, give her a unique gift you have purchased. We’ve gathered a few ideas here to help you.

Unique Gifts for Mother of the Groom – Sentimental

Since the mother of the groom will usually cry at the wedding, give her a unique gift that is sentimental, and that she can cherish forever. A dainty handkerchief in linen and lace can be embroidered with the words, “Mother of the Groom” to make it uniquely hers.

A necklace with a tiny bouquet of silver forget-me-not flowers is another unique gift. Its gentle message is that she will not be forgotten, even though her son is married and starting his own family.

Visit the CafePress store online, and create a unique gift featuring Mom’s favorite photo of the couple, or simply a gift bearing your wedding date and names. Use your imagination to style a mug with the words “Mother-of-the-groom” and a photo of Mom.

Your personalized keepsake is always a unique gift. Write a poem, or choose one that expresses your feelings. Add your names, and have it etched on a scalloped block of clear Lucite with a display stand.

Unique Gifts for Mother of the Groom – Stylish

If the mother of the groom is a business woman, and regularly carries business cards, a unique gift might be a personalized business card case. Have it engraved with the initials, MOG. Few people will understand the initials, but she will think of you every time she uses it.

Purchase a decorative crystal bud vase and have it engraved for a unique gift. You might put her initial in flowing script near the top, with your names and wedding date at the bottom.

For a mother of the groom who always has a key in her hand, give her a heart locket key chain. Be sure the heart locket is large enough for an engraved message such as “Our hearts are always with you.” Put your photo inside, and you have a unique gift that no one else could give.

Unique Gifts for Mother of the Groom – Amusing

If the groom’s mother has a sense of humor and enjoys a good play on words, you might give her a lovely make-up set for “groom”-ing. Ornate, silver-tone make-up brushes in a black satin case would make a unique gift. A silver compact, engraved with her name, would also be fitting, either with the brushes or alone.

A medal of honor might also be appreciated as a unique gift for the mother of the groom. The Bridal People website offers an amusing medal of honor to be awarded the mother of the groom for surviving the wedding. Hanging from a ribbon, their medallion weaves together the initials M.O.G., and spells out Mother of the Groom in small letters across the top.

Gifts for Twin Girls

Shopping for twin girls can be fun or infuriating. Age can make a difference, of course. Finding unique gifts for twin girls that are babies is much easier than finding something unique for teenage twins.

You may want to give matching items, or you may purposefully choose non-matching gifts to focus attention on their individuality. This, too, may be dependent on age, as younger twins often want to match.

Unique Gifts for Twin Girls 1 to 3 Years Old

Baby gifts are more for the parents than the babies in many cases. Babies younger than a year of age have little concept of gifts. As they mature, they enjoy toys, and they may enjoy tearing off gift wrap, but the parents will enjoy it more.

Unique gifts for twin girls may depend on the parents’ philosophy of twin-ness. If they have made it known through actions or words that they do not want identical lives for their girls, dissimilar gifts will be appreciated. Otherwise, feel free to give identical, but unique gifts.

1. Stuffed animals that are similar, but not identical make unique gifts. Give one girl a kangaroo baby in a box, the other a koala baby in a box.

2. Bootie foot puppets in two designs are a unique gift. Twin girls can mix or match the puppets, making different sets. Toddlers and older will enjoy hours of fun making the foot puppets talk.

3. Seriously educational toys are unique gifts they can use together. Toys that develop hand-eye coordination are excellent. Some educational toys are not cheap, but one will satisfy both girls.

Unique Gifts for Twin Girls 3 to 8 Years Old

1. Two or more books from the same series. Give each twin girl a book that is her personal, unique gift. They can share, but maintain personal ownership. Character building books are a good choice, unique, and a fun, effective way to teach family values.

2. Double-sided easels make great, unique gifts for twin girls. Each side should be identical: chalkboard or white board. The twins can enjoy it separately or together, each expressing her individual feelings on her side of the easel.

3. Twin girls love jewelry and cute animals. A unique gift is a charm bracelet for each, starting with two or three different animal charms on each bracelet. The girls can add to their bracelets, or you can add on another gift-giving occasion.

Unique Gifts for Twin Girls 9 to 13 Years Old

1. Gift certificates to CafePress will be viewed as truly unique gifts for twin girls at this age. You can designate the items to be purchased or not. Twins can design their own individual tee-shirts, teddy bears, or other items. If they design matching shirts that proclaim “double trouble” or something similar, the shirts will still be unique gifts, designed personally by them.

2. Again, books from the same series will be appreciated and shared, yet each will be a unique gift for one or the other twin.

3. Identical but unique gifts are often secretly enjoyed by this age. Purchase identical “twins” necklaces: two identical twin girl charms hanging from a silver chain and separated by silver beads. They will wear them everywhere, even if they do keep them under cover.

Unique Gifts for Twin Girls 14 to 18 Years Old

1. Twin girls in their teen years are usually very close to one another. Unique gifts for twin girls at this age should recognize developing individual interests while maintaining that closeness. A gift certificate to CafePress will prompt hours of fun “together” as they design items that reflect their “individual” personalities.

2. Treat twin girls who are careful of their looks to a day of beauty. Take them to a spa, give them equal amounts of money, and let them choose from the menu for a unique gift of their own making. Or let them throw a spa party at home with special products such as those from Jaqua Beauty.

3. Give the twins an opportunity to re-decorate their room partially or completely. They can work together on this unique gift, buying matching accessories or complementary ones.

Unique gifts for twin girls should, above all, be expressions of thoughtfulness. The giver should refrain from merely giving each one a check or cash. Use this occasion to show that you know they are two people, not one – yet two people who mean the world to each other.

Gifts for Birthdays

Birthday baskets or unique gifts of some other sort are fun to give and fun to get. But where do you find them? You can get birthday baskets at your nearest gift shop, online or offline. Birthday baskets that are unique gifts are something else, though. Most of them look much the same. They can be marvelous gifts, but for the person hunting unique gifts, they may fail to satisfy.

Birthday baskets or unique gifts in some other category involve thought and effort. The giver must think outside the box. Givers who are inside the box find it difficult to see how good a new idea might be. Such givers seldom take time to turn a mediocre gift idea into a unique gift idea.

Great birthday baskets with unique gifts cannot be thrown together in a hurry. These are not “rush” gifts. They take time.

Birthday Baskets that Are Unique Gifts

You can only create birthday baskets that are unique gifts by investing thought and effort. They will only be unique gifts if you assemble them yourself, of course. Otherwise, you are purchasing one of many that are termed unique gifts.

Begin by thinking about the basket itself. You may be tempted to say that a basket is a basket, but is it? A unique gift birthday basket must begin with a basket that is out of the ordinary. Consider the colorful possibilities – with colorful names:

1. African tribal baskets

2. baleen baskets

3. buttocks egg baskets

4. contemporary baskets

5. folk art baskets

6. Indian baskets

7. Nantucket baskets

8. New Zealand flax baskets

9. Shaker ash baskets

Once you have chosen the perfect basket, you need an assortment of items to place in the basket. Again, you need to think outside the “basket” box. It’s simple to fill your basket with the usual wine, cheese, and candy. That is a mediocre gift idea, however, for those who want a unique gift. How can we turn that mediocre idea into a great, unique gift?

Shop Outside the Box

Shop the Internet. Suppose the birthday celebrant lives in the U.S., but always wanted to visit New Zealand. Shop the Internet for a flax basket from New Zealand. Visit a website such as the New Zealand Nature Company to find items to put in your basket. Male or female, you can stuff your basket with unique gifts from New Zealand:

1. NZ paua jewelry for her, greenstone jewelry for him

2. NZ possum fur hats and scarves for everyone

3. NZ rainforest soaps, shampoos, and body scrubs

4. NZ hot chili sauce

5. NZ mussel chowder

When you are done, you will have a truly unique gift basket for that birthday.

Unique Gifts to Fill Baskets

Birthday baskets of unique gifts can be put together as samples of what the world has to offer on a theme. Simply choose a theme that you know the birthday celebrant likes, and see what the global community has.

1. Suppose your theme is tea. You could think inside the box and order a tea connoisseur kit. Or you could turn that mediocre gift idea into a unique gift idea. Order an Asian bamboo basket that will look good with tea-related items. Then shop the world to fill it. Order tea cups and green tea from Japan, a selection of herbal teas from India and Egypt, and Oolong tea from China. From Great Britain, order traditional teas and a traditional English tea towel or two to tuck around your items. Your birthday basket will be a unique gift.

2. Let’s try the same with a fishing theme. Start your unique gift with a fishing creel for the basket. Then shop the worldwide web. Order an “outback” fishing hat from Australia, 2 Japanese handcrafted wooden lures, a bug-proof shirt from the U.S.A., exotic nuts for snacking, and an Egyptian nut dip to make them spicy. You have a unique gift for someone who loves fishing.